Who am I and why the hell did I choose to live in Cleveland?

It’s time to revisit my little internet space on liveloveCLE and introduce myself to the world.

My name is Jaime. I am a transplant from southeastern Virginia who chooses to live in Cleveland.

Why, oh why would I do a thing like that?

Well you’re not the first to ask. My friends and family think I’ve lost my mind. It’s so so cold and I’m a beach girl from my sun-streaked hair down to the flip flop tan lines on my feet.

The winter sucked the life out of me the last time I lived here. I wasn’t surrounded by the most positive people or in the happiest situation. So I left for two years to do some traveling, live with my mom, and reconnect with some old friends. But now I’m back, a little more prepared for the cold and with an entirely different attitude this time around.

Something about Cleveland speaks to me. Do I want to live here forever? Maybe not. But right now, in my late 20s, this is the perfect city.

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Cleveland has a little bit of everything. Professional sports to bond over because they’re terrible. (Well I guess the Cavs are good again, thanks Lebron.) A deliciously cultured food and beer scene. So many diverse neighborhoods that you’re sure to find a perfect fit for any personality. Beautiful scenery, amazing hiking and biking trails. There’s always something to do or somewhere to go.

Let me share all of it with you. I really haven’t lost my mind. You just might fall in love with Cleveland too.


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