A (windy) day at the park.

As September turns to October and lows dip into the 40s, Clevelanders start grasping at any last moments of sunshine and 70 degree weather. They know it’s going to end, quickly.

So though there was no sunshine and it was oh so windy, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to walk to Lakewood Park when I found myself only 10 minutes away.

I didn’t know why at the time, but the park is still under some construction. Apparently the city is adding Solstice Steps to the park, which are set to be completed this month. Whenever they are finished, I definitely see some sunsets at the park in my future.

Today though, I was greeted with a park that included a cute playground, volleyball and tennis courts, softball fields, and a large skatepark. All of that will be great to explore on warm days, but I was really only there for one reason – the lake.

I don’t think I could’ve picked a windier day, but I wasn’t alone in my craziness. A few others were around, mostly bundled up and walking dogs.

I got pretty excited when I first saw the lake, but my eyes completely lit up when I saw the ramp leading to the lower walkway right next to the water.

Lakewood Park

Oh and if you are a dog owner, note that no dogs are allowed down the ramp. A few walkers were disappointed when they saw the sign.

The strong winds could’ve carried me away, so I didn’t get too close, but there was still some water spray that reached me.

Lakewood Park

But oh, it was so worth it. Just look at this view of the city. And the waves! I could almost trick myself into thinking it was the ocean.

Lakewood Park

This trip to Lakewood Park made me so happy. I couldn’t resist taking a wind-blown selfie.

This is one of my new favorite places and I can’t wait to visit in all seasons, especially to sit on the Solstice Steps and look over Lake Erie.

What is your favorite place to see the city views?


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